miss you much catherine reitman vh1 'Miss You Much' with Catherine Reitman will be nostalgic   and creepyVH1’s new series “Miss You Much” is essentially a televised version of the “where are they now” photo galleries we all click through online — which means there’ll be plenty of nostalgia during each episode as comedian Catherine Reitman catches up with late-’90s and early ’00s celebs. But her genuine enthusiasm for the stars is borderline creepy — something Reitman embraces.

The first episode features Reitman meeting with former “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor Jamie Walters, a.k.a. Donna’s abusive boyfriend Ray Pruit. And by “meeting” we mean aggressively hitting on the married father of four. In a funny way, of course. But Reitman’s passion does get a little creepy, and she promises that vibe will not go away any time soon.

PHOTOS: Overheard at press tour
“There’s always a little bit of creepiness from me so you can look forward to that,” she jokes to reporters at the 2012 Television Critics Association summer press tour. “I do not apologize for that.”

Jeff Olde, VH1 EVP of programming, says the show has a fun, nostalgic vibe that will appeal to the “adultsters” in their late 20s and early 30s who fondly remember their not-so-distant past. The show will catch up with actors from “Saved By the Bell,” “Full House” and other ’90s shows.

Reitman explains, “[‘Miss You Much’]  is a show for people my age where [TV] was such an epic part of my development.” As a gawky teenager, “Being able to revist these people brings me back to that part of my life, and it’s very nostalgic.”

“Miss You Much” premieres in September on VH1.

Posted by:Jean Bentley