missing ashley judd adriano giannini measure of a man 'Missing' 'A Measure of a Man': Becca's past comes to lightIn “A Measure of a Man,” “Missing” gets deep into Becca’s (Ashley Judd) past. Going by the preview for next week, the bad decisions she’s mad are going to come back to haunt her. Giancarlo (Adriano Giannini) believes her story about Michael (Nick Eversman) being on the train, even though Dax (Cliff Curtis) doesn’t.

Michael has other ideas and ends up killing a man with a gun. It’s actually a great parallel to the flashback where Becca and her husband Paul (Sean Bean) try to save a young man and return him to his mother. He shoots her in cold blood, while Michael is overwrought about what he’s done.

The big take away from tonight’s episode is the shadowy past that Becca has. We as the audience know that she loves her son, but while she’s in the interrogation room, we learn that she’s lived in foster homes and been diagnosed as having no empathy and no attachments. We know she cheated while she was married and that she neglected Michael long ago. So … do we really know who and what she is?

Shows like this can turn on a dime, though it would have been hard to fake tears like Becca had while kneeling on the runway. Is she working for someone? Is she really a cold-blooded killer? Or is she exactly what she seems to be and in the middle of set up? We’d love to hear your theories. It looks like Giancarlo is going to trap her next week, but that may change as well. Are you loving this? You have to admit, Judd does a whopper of an action scene! “Missing” airs Thursday night on ABC.

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