Missing-cast.jpg“Missing” premieres on ABC this Thursday, March 15 and we got a chance to chat with the stunning men of the series. Adriano Giannini plays Giancarlo Rossi, a man from former C.I.A. agent Becca Winstone’s (Ashley Judd) past. Cliff Curtis plays Agent Dax Miller, who is trying to rein Becca in. Nick Eversman plays her kidnapped son, Michael.

We asked the guys about doing action scenes. “Actually, I did not do a lot of action scenes,” says Giannini  “And I’m gonna speak with the writers for the next season … I want to do some more. And I’m trained to. I did a lot of Brazilian jui-jitsu, things like that. So I did not do a lot of those scene. I think the most important thing when I read the script was the script. The way it was written was very different from ah … in Italy we do television of course, but it’s not so well written. So that was the first point that attached me to this project. And the character that is not usually, sometimes Italian characters are a little bit stereotypes, and this was not so, this was good to deal with something that was not so stereotypes.”

Curtis, who has an art film called “Boy” that he’s dying to have you all see says, “All the training in martial arts is great, but if you’ve got slippery shoes on hard marble it doesn’t make a difference. And we started our shoot in a place called Dubrovnik, in Croatia. Dubrovnik is an ancient city, and the whole city is made of marble, which has been polished down in a century. I think I won the award for falling over the most times.  Gonna run you around the city in my suit and shiny shoes on this polished marble… the entire city. It’s a big sequence, I think episode 4, running around there, and I ripped a couple of suits.”

Eversman talks about what drew him to the role. ” I’m a fairly small guy, fairly skinny.  A lot of guys my size don’t get to play cool … well I’m not exactly the toughest guy … I got kidnapped, so. The story itself just kind of … I have a very close knit family, and I’m kind of telling a story of a family that’s trying their hardest to stay together through the worst cases scenarios, and then also just I saw a lot myself in the character of Michael. I wasn’t so much approached with it, as much as I was jumping for joy when I heard that I got it. Then it was like next day I was in Prague. It was pretty quick. It’s still kind of a whirlwind. This is also a dream come true actually.”

Curtis talks about being in the C.I.A. on the show. “There’s a great tension between my character and Ashley’s character because she’s got a clear objective, which is to not have anything to do with the C.I.A., and to find her son. But we have all the resources. My job is to sort of get her out of the way because she’s kind of unraveling things. She’s kind of pulling a thread, which is very dangerous in that world. And my job is to get her out of the way, and get her back home, and stop her from… but there’s this empathy where my character wants to help her, on a persona note, to help her find her son.  So there’s this great tension in terms of doing my job, which is to manage the C.I.A. across Europe, and to somehow help this woman find her son, which I’m told not to do. It’s complex. There’s a complexity behind it which is a very important part of the show. And that’s the fun part too. We’re talking about spies. That’s the hot concept. The simplicity of it, it’s a family show: a mom looking for her son. The fun of it is is that we’re running around Europe, and we’re all spies, you don’t know, Interpol, and you don’t know who you’ve been kidnapped by or why you’ve been kidnapped.  And that’s the intrigue. That’s kinda like… that satisfies the entertainment aspect, which I think is cool.”

“Missing” premieres on Thursday, March 15 on ABC.

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