missing 'Missing': Ashley Judd does all her own stunts“I’m not CIA. I’m a mother looking for her son.” You may not be able to imagine Ashley Judd kicking serious butt. When you see the pilot for her new show “Missing,” you’ll change your tune pretty darn quick. Judd plays a mom, who’s son is kidnapped while studying overseas. Her little secret? She’s former C.I.A. and she’ll do anything to get her son back.

In the clip we saw, Judd did some crazy fighting. It’s hardly what you’d expect from her, but she takes to it like a duck to water. Judd says she used yoga to beef up her flexibility for the physicality in “Missing,” saying she had to after spending about two years just sitting down and writing. “There was a fellow walking around earlier wearing a shirt that said, ‘I do all my own stunts.’  I said, “Why are you wearing my tee-shirt?'” She waxed poetic about falling off a bridge into the Seine river in Paris. Clearly she needs to get an action movie.

One of the themes of the Winter Press Tour this year was all of the producers talking about how they don’t want to annoy viewers by leaving them with cliff hangers or overly complicating stories. Producer Grant Scharbo said that the first season will be 10 episodes (he said he sold it to Judd that way) and that 13 is their absolute clap. He stressed that you wouldn’t be left with an open ending and that you’ll have a perfect idea of where it’s going next season. 
Judd said the final episode was jaw-dropping for the cast when they did the read-through.

Finally we discussed Sean Bean, who can’t seem to escape death in shows and films. Yes, Bean is dead, but we were promised that he’ll be seen in flashbacks. Poor Sean Bean. Someday he’ll live through Season 1.

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