Oh “Missing.” You had a really strong season. Ashley Judd is an action powerhouse. The cast was wonderful. There were twists and turns and you had audiences unable to look away. Why then, would you end the series with action film cliches? If this was the episode to judge by, there is no surprise that we’re not going to see “Missing” Season 2 on ABC.

“Rain on the Evil and the Good” started off strong. We know Martin (Keith Carradine) is suspect zero. We were shocked to find out that Violet was alive and it was hardly shocking that Becca tortured her. Satisfying, but not shocking. (Hope that knuckle crunch was recorded while cracking a walnut.) She gets her man. Michael (Nick Eversman) is safe. There is almost an arrest, but no, it’s all good. Cool. Neat bow. But the final scenes could have been taken from a “How to ruin an action film” top five list. So here is ours.

1. Make sure you have either the good guy or the bad guy give a pre-killing monologue.

Really Becca? You spent all that time kicking butt and taking people out and you feel the need to explain what you’ve been through to Martin? Kill him already! Much more powerful. Especially when you look at number two.

2. Make sure there is a cool line right before the shot.

Martin tells her she’s not cold blooded enough to kill him. She says, “I’m not. I’m a mother.” Because we haven’t beaten that over the head enough during the series? We get it. She’d be a lovely person who does nothing but plant flowers, go jogging and make cookies for her son if this all hadn’t happened. Mama bear. Uh huh. It was a useless and stupid line. If we don’t get it by now … just have her say nothing. Far more powerful that way.

3. Make sure the diversion is completely obvious and out of the blue.

Did anyone not see the blond chick with the backpack as a threat? The show spent the entire season ignoring bystanders, and all of a sudden some random girl comes up and asks a stupid tourist question? Oh right. She’s blonde. That would be weird in Turkey so we wouldn’t see that coming. Really?

4. Make sure there is a fruit market in your chase scene.

Exploding watermelons look nice, but does every chase scene have to include knocking over a local, shooting fruit or knocking over a fruit stand?

5. Incredibly obvious cliffhanger.

Aw, family harmony is so cute. Paul (Sean Bean) and Becca are going to be together. The orphan has a home. The protagonist smiles as the camera makes sure we don’t miss the keys in the ignition and Becca not looking in the back seat.

Sad when a series that was so well done ends on this note. What did you guys think? Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts.

Posted by:jbusch