Ashley-Judd-Missing.jpg“Missing” just premiered on ABC and we’re loving it. The show stars Ashley Judd as Becca Winstone. She’s a single mom and a former CIA agent who’s been out of the game since she had her son. In the premiere, he’s kidnapped while studying abroad in Italy and Becca uses her old skills to try to get him back.

We find out two very important things here. Becca’s past was not typical for the CIA, and the current person in charge (Cliff Curtis) is surprised by how many skills she still has. In fact, from her fighting, we can see that she’s been keeping herself in shape all these years. She’s also got connections that make you wonder what she was up to all those years ago.

The other important thing we learn is that Ashley Judd is an action star. There is no doubt about it. From her ferocious line about being a mother looking for her son, to the powerful moment on the tarmac (see the picture above) to the beat down she gives her foes, you can tell she was cast correctly. We’ll admit to having doubts when we heard she was doing a show like this. She proved us wrong.

So, we want to know what you think about the show. Did you like it? Do you buy Judd as former CIA? Can you believe she really jumped from that bridge? Let us know if this is your new Thursday night show or if you plan to skip it below.

Posted by:jbusch