tom cruise hair gi 'Mission: Impossible 5': Tom Cruise says MI:5 is already in the works, more sequels expectedTom Cruise already pulled off the difficult — not quite “impossible” — mission of resurrecting a dead franchise and turning it into a blockbuster film series. Now he wants to continue to capitalize on the successes of his character, Ethan Hunt.

In an interview with Total Film, Cruise says he is already hard at work on the setting for M:I’s fifth installment. “We’re already working on different images. Talking conceptually,” he says. “I started Mission: Impossible hoping I could make many of them. It’s a character that I can grow with.”

So, in a film series spanning 14 years to-date, and starring a 50-year-old actor who insists on performing his own spectacular stunts, how many sequels can really be expected? “I’ll make a bunch of those,” says Tom. “I’ll make as many as people want to see.”

The last installment, 2011’s “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” has grossed nearly $700 million worldwide.

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