missoni for target 2 Missoni for Target frenzy, day 2: Did you get yours?As we reported on Tuesday (Sept. 13), Target’s just-launched collaboration with Italian design house Missoni has resulted in absolute capitalist mayhem. The retailer’s website continues to crash as online shoppers try to snap up the limited edition items and shoppers lined up again Wednesday morning to be on hand as stores opened.

Who knew Missoni was so popular with the American buying public? Not Twitter user Amzam, who Wednesday morning tweeted, “The bigger issue here? I had no idea what Missoni was until this morning.”

We have a feeling that’s the case for many of the newly-converted Missoni fans. And, as expected, items from the collection are already popping up for re-sale on eBay. A Missoni-adorned bike that retails for $399 at Target is already going for $950 on the online auction site while a tunic dress that sold for $54.99 is already igniting a bidding war that has pushed the price up to $127.50.

Even snarky celebs are getting in on the action. Tuesday evening “Office” actress/producer Mindy Kaling tweeted, “An enjoyable sketch is the oblivious Dad who went to @Target before work today to buy a new barbeque grill #missoni.”

She got a response from “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel, “@mindykaling – should probably be called missoni for target for eBay.”

Still, we’re thinking eBay might be the safest bet, if this report from @ardenrose is true:

So apparently someone at my local Target had to go to the hospital because they got trampled in a Missoni frenzy. Probably worth it.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone favorite Missoni for Target frenzy, day 2: Did you get yours? Favorite retweet Missoni for Target frenzy, day 2: Did you get yours? Retweet reply Missoni for Target frenzy, day 2: Did you get yours? Reply

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson