Mister Rogers.jpgMister Rogers would have been 84 today (Mar. 20). It’s kind of hard to believe. The sweet man with the zip up cardigans he passed away on February 27, 2003, but his legacy remains. Will anyone forget the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe” and Mister Rogers feeding his goldfish? In honor of the birthday of the man who taught children to love themselves and others, Mister Rogers is getting a documentary.

To celebrate the man who is the reason many of us can tie our sneakers, PBS is airing “Mister Rogers & Me,” which is the story of MTV producer Benjamin Wagner’s experience living in a Nantucket summer home next to Mister Rogers.

“I got into television because I saw people throwing pies in each others’ faces. And if there is anything that bothers me, it’s one person demeaning another.” This is a quote from the man himself. Happy birthday Mister Rogers! Check out the trailer below. The documentary will be released on DVD and iTunes on March 20. A 58-minute version will be broadcast on 27 PBS affiliates throughout March. Check your local listings.

Posted by:jbusch