alyssa milano tony danza whos the boss 'Mistresses' Alyssa Milano: Tony Danza was 'the cute guy from 'Taxi'' when I did 'Who's the Boss'“Mistresses” star Alyssa Milano stopped by “The Talk” on Tuesday (Nov. 12), where she talked with the ladies about starting on “Who’s the Boss” and her new hosting gig on “Project Runway All Stars.”

“At that time — I was 10 when I first auditioned [for ‘Who’s the Boss’] and you don’t really have any clue who anybody is. My mom told me I was going to be auditioning for ‘the cute guy from ‘Taxi’s’ daughter,’ so that’s just what he was to me, the cute guy from ‘Taxi.’ He was just gracious and lovely and just a cool guy,” says Milano of co-star Tony Danza.

On her “Project Runway All Stars” hosting gig and the latest crazy challenge:

“They had to go into a school room and collect school supplies, they had about 35 seconds, or something ridiculous, to collect as much as they could … and then had 10 hours to create a runway-appropriate, beautiful piece of fashion. I don’t know how they did it. … I have so much respect for the entire process,” says Milano. “Huge fan of the show. The first thing that I really ever hosted was ‘Fashion Police’ with your daughter [Kelly Osbourne] … but of course I jumped at the opportunity and I had such a great experience doing it, it was just awesome.”

“Project Runway All Stars” airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime and “Mistresses” returns next summer on ABC.

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