mistresses season 1 finale 'Mistresses' finale: A Season 2 is definitely in order“Mistresses” came to a stunning conclusion Monday night (Sept. 9), when the show gave us some answers and left us with two intense cliffhangers. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

In the main plot of the finale, Savannah is in a car accident, which brings Joss, April, Harry, Dominic and Paul to the hospital (Karen is not there, we’ll get to that). Harry realizes he has to call Dominic because Harry opened the paternity results — the baby is Dom’s.

But it takes a life-and-death scare for Savannah for Harry to realize he loves her and doesn’t care who the baby’s father is. Meanwhile, Savannah lets Dominic into her life by letting him into her hospital room and placing his hand on her tummy. He too proclaims his love for her.

And just when we’re about to find out who Savi wished the surprise birthday flowers were from, she flatlines and the crash team starts working on her, as her loved ones stand by in horror and tears.

It was extremely well done — special shout-out to Jes Macallan for her performance this episode — when we can be so overcome by a main character’s potential death even though we all know she’s not really going to die should the show return next summer.

Surely they won’t kill off pregnant Savi, right?

But there still needs to be a Season 2, because we want to know who Savannah wants to be with. Alyssa Milano tells Zap2it that even she is torn about which way she wants Savi to go, so we have to find out who she chooses.

Speaking of choosing, April makes a choice — she chooses herself, kind of. Moreso by default. Because she sends Richard packing after realizing she still has feelings for Paul, but then she sends Paul packing … well, we like to assume it’s because Paul’s a crazy jerk, but it’s probably just because she knows he needs to go be a father to his son, since his daughter is probably better off with the cherished memory of her father than learning he chose to fake his death and ditch them for three years.

Either way, good riddance to Paul. Don’t let the door hit ya’.

And over on the other side of town, Karen is being held at gunpoint by Elizabeth Grey. You see, Elizabeth Grey has always been a nutjob, but the information that her son also slept with Karen Kim sends her over the edge and she holds Karen hostage, intending to force Karen to kill herself with a bottle of pills.

But Sam rides to the rescue, charging his mom after she admits to killing his father. There is a struggle, a gunshot and blood splatter on the sofa, but we don’t know who was shot. Yet another reason we need a second season.

We don’t know about you, but “Mistresses” turned out to be a lot stronger of a show than we thought it would. It had its soapy moments, to be sure, but the core women were fascinating to watch and we love the actresses. Here’s hoping ABC brings it back next summer.

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