Based on the U.K. series of the same name, ABC’s racy new show “Mistresses” starring Alyssa Milano is set for a May 2013 premiere. But after seeing the new preview, it’s going to be hard to wait a year to watch what happens.

Milano plays successful career woman, Savi, who’s trying to advance her professional life and start a family with her hot husband Harry (Brett Tucker). The show follows the lives of Savi; her single little sister, Josselyn (Jes Macallan); their widowed best friend, April (Rochelle Aytes); and friend Karen (Yunjin Kim), a therapist who hooked up with one of her patients.

Looks saucy and like perfect summer viewing — but we really don’t want to wait till next summer to see it. In the meantime, we’ve always got the BBC version on Netflix.

What do you think, Zappers? Worth tuning in?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper