mistresses premiere abc 'Mistresses' premiere: The cast talks about their fun characters“Mistresses” debuted Monday night (June 3) on ABC, chronicling the lives, loves and losses of four female friends.

At first glance, it might seem a tad “Sex and the City”-esque, but it actually isn’t about four single women living it up in the big city. There is a party girl of the group but the other three are dealing with various iterations of a serious relationship, from being a widow to problems with infertility to being an actual mistress, plus there’s the male mistress in the works too.

Jes Macallan (Josslyn) tells Zap2it: “Josslyn is the free spirit of the group. She is the last person where anybody wants her advice, but the first person to give it. [But] she’s got a really big heart and becomes more relatable as the series goes on.”

Rochelle Aytes (April): “My storyline is so dramatic and heartbreaking. She hasn’t been in a relationship since her husband — I think the relationship with her husband was the only one. So the stuff with her is a lot of fun, getting out there and dating for the first time.”

Yunjin Kim (Karen): “Karen is great at solving everyone else’s problems but her own … She’s awful, she makes horrible choices, one after another.”

Alyssa Milano (Savi): “Savi is a good person who makes a really bad decision. What makes her so interesting to play is she’s so flawed. She’s just trying to pick up the pieces and figure out what her decision means for not only her marriage but her friendships and her family.”

Jason George (Dominic): “Dom is a passionate, driven professional. … Savannah is like his work wife. They’re the perfect team at work — they get each other’s jokes, they finish each other’s sentences. But he’s never really allowed himself to think about [being with her] … Then one day it’s like you’re pushed up against this door for a while and suddenly it flies open and he lands flat on his face and has to figure out what this thing is now. There could very well be emotion there. And that’s interesting.”

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