mitchel musso Mitchel Musso, underage 'Hannah Montana' star, arrested for DUI

Oh, those Disney stars — they grow up so fast.

Mitchel Musso, best known as “Hannah Montana” sidekick Oliver Oken, was arrested Sunday (Oct. 16) in Burbank for drunken driving. That’s bad enough, but Musso is only 20. Ruh roh.

Burbank Police Sgt. Sean Kelley recalls the incident to E! News:

“An officer was directing traffic and Musso failed to slow down when coming to the intersection…He didn’t obey instructions and was pulled over. A DUI investigation was held and he was given a field sobriety test…He was well over the 0.08 limit.”

As a minor, any amount of alcohol in Musso’s system is illegal. He was arrested at 3:43 a.m. but released the next day without bail.

3:43?! Come on, Mitchel! Shouldn’t you be in bed resting up for a wholesome day of family oriented, Disney approved activities? There was no comment from Musso or Disney, but hopefully he learned a lesson in responsibility and safety. You’d think the Disney Channel would be good place to learn that…

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