paul ryan mitt romney 'Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people': Russell Simmons and other celebs react to the Republican presidential ticketAfter Mitt Romney officially named Paul Ryan as his presidential running mate today (Aug. 11), celebrities were quick to respond in the Twittersphere.

From Russell Simmons‘ outrage to Rupert Murdoch‘s unconditional support and Seth MacFarlane’s characteristic irreverence, here are some of the stars’ top tweets…

Elizabeth Banks: “I can confirm categorically that I am NOT Mitt Romney’s VP nominee. #gamechange.”

Michael Ian Black: “Romney/Ryan = same initials as Ronald Reagan. THINK ABOUT IT!!!”

Andy Cohen: I really hope someone has the guts to ask Paul Ryan’s stance on the KStew/RPatz situation in California. #NeedClarification

Sanjay Gupta: #43 on the list of things that make you feel old: the VP candidate is younger than you are. paul ryan was born in 1970.

Jared Leto: “Today Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan, who wants to cut Pell Grant scholarships for nearly 10 million students!”

Michael McKean: Ryan says Ayn Rand was his inspiration to enter public service, which is a little like Ray Kroc inspiring a career in nutrition.

Eva Longoria: “Romney’s VP pick voted against equal pay for women and repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We can’t go backward.”

Seth MacFarlane (with a picture of the Thunderbirds): The selection of Paul Ryan makes me wonder what the Romney cabinet will look like.

Michael Moore: “Channeling Bush, war supporters/military dodgers Romney and Ryan insult those who served by using battleship as their prop.”

John Mulaney: Does this mean Paul Ryan won’t return to “Royal Pains” next season?

Rupert Murdoch: “Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice.”

Patton Oswalt: F***! F***! Goddamit. This is bulls***. I sent that Hickory Farms gift basket for NOTHING. (Sigh). Whatever. Congrats, Paul Ryan

Kal Penn: “This is awful. I was hoping it would be Jindal so I could play him in a HBO movie”

Andy Richter: “I think saying “worst recovery in 70 years” is kinda cute. Doesn’t at all beg the phrase “worst recession in 70 years.”

Russell Simmons: “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people…”

Olivia Wilde: “Two R’s won’t make it right. Romney/Ryan are Wrong for America.”

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