mitt romney naacp gi Mitt Romney earns boos from NAACP crowdGOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney earned a sustained boo from the crowd on Wednesday (July 11) evening when he spoke at the NAACP’s annual meeting in Houston. The negative reaction was in response to a negative reference to “Obamacare” by the Republican.

“I’m going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program I can find,” said Romney. “That includes ObamaCare.”

The presumptive GOP nominee then stood with a smile on his face for about 15 seconds as the crowd jeered his remark, reports the Christian Science Monitor. There were more boos later in the speech when Romney said President Barack Obama “cannot do” all the things he’s promised.

Some speculate that the incident could actually galvanize Romney’s supporters.

“This gives him all sorts of instant credibility on the Right and in the middle,” writes conservative talk show host/blogger Ed Morrissey. “The middle will be pleased to see that Romney went to the convention at all, in the face of overt hostility, plus the NAACP audience comes across as a bit immature. The Right has doubted Romney’s commitment to repealing ObamaCare at times, but this shows that Romney is willing to repeat that pledge anywhere, even when it’s guaranteed to turn the audience against him.”

Romney did, it should be noted, earn some applause when he talked about the GOP’s school choice initiative and his commitment to “traditional marriage” and he even earned a standing ovation at the end of his remarks.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson