paul ryan mitt romney getty Mitt Romney names Paul Ryan as vice presidential candidateIt was announced Friday (Aug. 10) that presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney would reveal his vice presidential running mate Saturday in Norfolk, VA. An AP source then reported late that night that Rep. Paul Ryan was the governor’s choice.

And that is indeed the case. Romney, speaking at the USS Wisconsin, named for Ryan’s home state, introduced his running mate to a cheering crowd. Ryan then took to the stage and spoke for the first time as the candidate.

In introducing Ryan, Romney says, “Today we take another step forward in helping restore the promise of America. As we move forward in this campaign and on to help lead the nation to better days, it’s an honor to announce my running mate and the next Vice President of the United States — Paul Ryan!”

Ryan says of Romney, “Mitt Romney is a leader with the skills, the background and the character that our country needs at this crucial time in its history. Following four years of failed leadership, the hopes of our country, which have inspired the world, are growing dim. They need someone to revive them. Governor Romney is the man for this moment.”

He and I share one commitment. We will restore the greatness of this country,” Ryan continues. 

Ryan, 42, is a seven-time Congressman from Wisconsin. He is Roman Catholic and married attorney Janna Little in 2000, with whom he has three children — Elizabeth (Liza), Charles (Charlie) and Samuel (Sam).

As far as his politics go, Ryan has been vocal with his balanced budget plans and currently serves as the chair of the House Budget Committee. He represents the hardline Republican position of slashing spending without raising taxes in order to balance the U.S. budget. He also has been vocal about overhauling Medicare, with ideas such as raising the eligible age to 67.

Ryan has voted against two bailouts — the TARP bailout, which was under President George W. Bush, and was one of the steps to mitigate the damage from the subprime mortgage crisis, and the auto industry bailout under President Obama, called the Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act.

Ryan is also a stalwart of the conservative right on the social issues. He has expressed or voted for being in favor of the privatization of Social Security, a constitutional amendment against gay marriage and stopping funds to Planned Parenthood due to the organization’s performing of abortions.

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