mitt romney getty Mitt Romney responds to leaked videos: 'Speaking off the cuff'Mitt Romney has responded personally to the leaked videos of a private fundraiser where the Republican presidential candidate calls President Obama supporters “victims” and jokes about how he would win the election if his grandparents were Mexican.

Previously his camp had released a statement, saying the candidate wants to help all Americans who are struggling, but now Romney addresses the comments more directly.

“It’s not elegantly stated, let me put it that way. I’m speaking off the cuff in response to a question. I’m sure I could state it more clearly and in a more effective way than I did in a setting like that,” he says.

“The President believes in what I’ve described as a government-centered society, where the government plays a larger and larger role, provides for more and more of the needs for individuals,” Romney continues. “I happen to believe in a free enterprise, free individual society, where people pursuing their dreams are able to employ one another, build enterprises, build the strongest economy in the world. I happen to believe my approach is the approach that will put 23 million people back to work again.”

Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida and the host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, tells “Today” this is “one of the worst weeks for any presidential candidate that any of us can remember. He also says these leaked videos just feed into the “Thurston Howell III”-like persona Romney carries.

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