mixology vanessa and craig 'Mixology' stars Vanessa Lengies, Craig Frank respond to critics and preview their 'fun' episode ABC’s new comedy “Mixology” has received more than its fair share of negative reviews, but that hasn’t affected two of its stars. Vanessa Lengies (Kacey) and Craig Frank (Cal) are okay with some of the heat their series has been getting.

In fact, it doesn’t bother them at all. “Hey, people have opinions. That’s why they were hired, to have opinions,” Frank tells Zap2it. “Whether they went one way or the other, if you find the show to be something you like, that’s fine, or if it’s not something you like, that’s fine too.”

Lengies hopes that viewers stick through some more episodes to truly get a feel for what they’re trying to achieve. “I think our whole show is like a movie. It’s like an epic adventure that’s split into 13 episodes,” Lengies tells Zap2it. “It’s a different format than other shows and I like that it’s different. I think it’s great that it’s pushing the boundaries. Obviously I hope that people tune in this week because this is Kacey and Cal’s flashback episode but I hope that people stick with it because as you watch it more and more, it gets better and better.”

Check out the rest of Zap2it’s Q&A with Lengies and Frank below to get scoop on Kacey and Cal’s individual histories, shared connection and possible romantic future in their episode, “Cal & Kacey” …

Zap2it: This week’s episode is all about your two characters, Kacey and Cal. What can you reveal about how their story unfolds?
Craig Frank: You began to see it in episode 3 how it kind of unfolds. When we find out that we’re pretty much from the same place, from that, it sparks a bigger connection. Now we’ll get to know each other.

Vanessa Lengies: People say that opposites attract but in the case of Kacey and Cal, they’re from the same place and pretty much the same person, so it’s really cute to watch them figure that out. You’ll find that they have a laundry list of stuff in common.

So Vanessa, does that mean Kacey is over her brief flirtation with the hot bartender, Dominic (Adan Canto)?
VL: I think Kacey sees this as something real and she finally understands that she may have been a little delusional about her relationship with Dominic, since that was clearly a one-sided situation. She can feel the difference between that connection and this connection, which is instantaneously genuine. And by the way, Craig has a very nice body also.

CF: Oh my god.

VL: There’s no downgrade at all. [laughs] Craig is crimson right now!

So will we perhaps see Craig’s body, you know, to judge for ourselves?
VL: [laughs] I’m going to tweet a picture of Craig’s body during the episode.

CF: Do you have a picture of my body? [laughs] We did have a pool party before the show started shooting, so I guess there are photos.

VL: I’ve got tons of incriminating things from that.

So Craig, aside from Cal’s new connection with Kacey, what can you tell me about the mission to get Tom (Blake Lee) laid? Will Cal and Bruce (Andrew Santino) be successful?
CF: The whole getting Tom laid thing gets a little sidetracked since Cal, you know, something catches his eye. He might steer away from Tom and have a selfish moment.

I’m loving how we’ve seen each character’s backstory from birth all the way to the present. What can you reveal about your backstories that we’ll see in this episode?

VL: I’m really excited to actually see the final result. Everyone had children to come in to play themselves when they were younger, and I’m the only one who had to play myself younger. Along with the magic of television and makeup and hair, all the flashbacks are me. Except for the birthing scene! I did not play me getting born. Each of my flashback scenes involve a heavy hair and makeup change.

CF: One thing you’ll learn about Cal is how committed he is and how committed he can be. That’s all I’ll tease. It’s pretty big.

Did anything surprise you about your individual backstories?
VL: When I read the character of Kacey and saw how she was this party animal and was kind of all over the place, what surprised me about her backstory is how she’s faking it until she makes it. She’s a sweet girl from a sweet town who wants to see the best in everyone and now she’s in NYC at this bar as a cocktail waitress with this flirty attitude. When you go back into her upbringing, you see this girl who thought it was all going to work out with rainbows and lollipops and unicorns so what is she doing at this bar?

CF: Without being too spoilery, what surprised me most about his backstory was Cal’s past relationships. How he approached them and what he went through, the things that he did, those were the things that were the most surprising to me. He has a very high level of, for lack of a better word, commitment.

VL: You could title our show, “Hopelessly.” Hopeless romantics, Kacey and Cal.

CF: Yeah. When I found out his backstory I was just like, “Oh my god, really?”

Besides your own, which character’s story line is your favorite to watch play out?
VL: My favorite is Liv. I love her, because that’s a character you’ve never seen on TV before.

CF: My favorite storyline is Bruce’s. It explains why he is the way he is. To me, it makes sense.

Which character’s story do you relate to most in real life?
VL: [laughs] Um, Craig?

CF: Which storyline do I relate to most in real life? Hm. Well, let’s see. I haven’t lost millions of dollars.

VL: I’ve never watched my brother or sister having sex with my boyfriend, because I don’t have a brother or sister.

CF: This is very loose, but the closest I would say would probably be Tom’s backstory and storyline because I’m a lot less smooth than my character on the show.

VL: I can verify that. But you’re as sweet as Cal for sure.

Since the entire series takes place in a bar, what is your favorite drink to have while watching the show?
VL: I like a regular martini.

Not going to lie, my favorite drink is still the Shirley Temple.

“Mixology” airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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