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Sometimes, a night at the bar can feel like an entire year. That’s exactly what happens in the new ABC comedy, “Mixology.” Taking place on a single night and in a single bar, 10 singles drink and find love in strange ways (one seems to involve vomiting).

Tom (Blake Lee) is out on the town for the first time in 8 years after getting dumped by his fiancee. Accompanying this inept young man are his friends Cal (Craig Frank) and Bruce (Andrew Santino). Tom’s first attempted conquest doesn’t work out so well when he approaches Maya (Ginger Gonzaga), a somewhat brutal lawyer. Maya is out with her semi-engaged friend, Live (Kate Simses). Meanwhile, a single mom named Jessica (Alexis Carra) and her sister, Janey (Sarah Bolger, “Once Upon a Time”), are waiting for a blind date. That would be a very nervous Ron (Adam Campbell), who promptly vomits into a purse.

Behind the bar are the bubbly Kacey (Vanessa Lengies, “Glee”) and the brooding Dominic (Adan Canto, “The Following”), who seem to have had some form of a relationship of their own.

Can an entire season based on a single night work out? ABC seems to be betting on it with “Mixology,” airing at midseason.?

Posted by:Laurel Brown