mlb wild card MLB Wild Card 2012 adding two teams to postseason pictureA highly-placed source within Major League Baseball has leaked that the postseason field is about to expand from eight teams to 10, reports the AP. The official announcement is expected to come Thursday (March 1).

The final details are not completely known, but what is most likely to happen is that the 4th and 5th seeds from each division will play in a one-game Wild Card knockout game. The winner would then face off with with top seed in the Division Series.

The players’ union was initially opposed to the idea of adding a team since the divisions were not balanced 15 teams apiece. But the Houston Astros will leave the National League Central and join the American League West in 2013, so the union capitulated.

We aren’t sure how we feel about this. It’s nice that another team will get a chance to compete, we guess. But adding even just one extra game could see the World Series happening really late, if any games prior to the WS are delayed by inclement weather (which is not uncommon in October baseball).

What do you think, baseball fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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