muammar gaddafi getty Moammar Gadhafi regime toppling gives birth to slightly inappropriate Twitter memeHis location is decidedly M.I.A., but according to the Libia’s National Transitional Council rebel force and President Barack Obama, Moammar Gadhafi is down for the count.

Months after a NATO air strikes left the leader’s Tripoli compound in ruins and his security forces walked out on the job, rebels have managed to take control of most of the capitol.

It’s great news for the Libian people — and for celebrities and comedians who like to make topical jokes on Twitter.

Topping all other Gadhafi-related tweets we’ve seen on Aug. 22 are those from “Office” star Rainn Wilson, who single-handedly made “#memoriesofQaddafi” happen. Here are his fantastic faux reminiscences about the ousted dictator:

“He used to let me try on his sunglasses collection!”

“I remember his oiled ringlets reflecting the orange Tripoli sunset.”

“We used to throw water balloons @ his hot Ukrainian nurse.”

We’re sure we aren’t alone in our desire to see Dwight Schrute try on a few pair of signature Gadhafi glasses.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell