mockingbird-lane-poster.JPGNBC decided to air Bryan Fuller’s colorful, quirky “Mockingbird Lane” as a Halloween special instead of a full-blown series. Although there’s still a possibility that the “Munsters” reboot could get more episodes, let’s discuss the hour we did get to see.

We first meet the family as they’re moving into 1313 Mockingbird Lane, into a former serial killer’s mansion — the possibility of dead homeless people interned in the walls is a plus — but we’re introduced to the family as young Eddie accidentally murders his scout troop.

The episode did a great job of introducing each creepy creature in the
family — dad Herman (Jerry O’Connell), a frankenstein, mom Lily (Portia
de Rossi
) a vampire, son Eddie (Mason Cook) a werewolf, and good old
Grandpa (Eddie Izzard), a vampire — and normal cousin Marilyn (Charity Wakefield).

Cheyenne Jackson was delightful (as always) as the unassuming scout leader, Steve, and O’Connell, de Rossi and Izzard were reliably good. But the real star was Cook, who managed to be both adorable and not at all annoying as the boy who learned he was a werewolf.

What did you think of “Mockingbird Lane”? Would you like to see more, or are you okay with just the one episode?

Posted by:Jean Bentley