kyna treacy alex rodriguez cheating Model Kyna Treacy is Alex Rodriguez's new flirting buddy

We don’t think anyone was surprised when it was revealed yesterday that Alex Rodriguez had been caught flirting with two women while the New York Yankees third baseman was still dating former WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson. But just who were the women he was talking with?

It turns out they were 33-year-old Australian model Kyna Treacy and her friend Kate Quinn, both of whom currently live in NYC. The duo was sitting two rows behind the dugout, and reportedly captured A-Rod’s attention for much of the American League Championship series opener. It’s Treacy who seemed to really get his attention, as the New York Post claims he got her number after passing her a ball with a note on it.

Considering Rodriguez’s track record of cheating, it’s no wonder that he zeroed in on Treacy. She is an Australian bikini model who even started her own bikini line — Kini Bikini — which specializes in tiny crocheted bathing suits. According to her online profile, the swimwear is “for the girl who desires something sexy and individual.”

Treacy, who has a graphic design degree, also was named the spokesmodel for Yellowglen sparkling wine eight years ago. If you want to see her in action, check out this commercial for Air Pacific.

The real question is whether anything will come of this. Hopefully Wilson will not take this situation lying down, as we know things are rarely innocent when it comes to Rodriguez. As for Treacy: stay far, far away.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz