tvpartywo04.jpgFor too many years we’ve been restrained by
the notion that models are empty-headed mannequins capable of little more than
walking in straight lines and lounging on motor yachts in the Mediterranean.
But thanks to Models of the Runway, airing Thursdays on Lifetime, we can add
talking and eye rolling to the mix! The behind-the-scenes look at the other
people with something to prove on Project Runway has given us a reason to stay
up Thursday nights and left us wondering if we should pluck our eyebrows with
more regularity. So if you like getting dressed up and told you look gorgeous,
call your friends; we’re throwing a Models of the Runway party!


Setting the scene:

If you’ve never been backstage at a fashion
show while all the models are changing and getting their hair and makeup done,
you are really missing out – because it is one hot mess. To re-create the look,
you’ll need to buy a bunch of clothes and throw them
all over the place (don’t forget the thongs!). Add a few model forms with dresses in various states of completion (it’s a
lot easier to take them apart than put them back together). In one corner have
a L’Oreal Paris makeup station while in another add the
Garnier hair studio. You can hire a makeup artist and a
hairstylist to make up guests during the evening. Then, once things have
settled in and everyone looks gorgeous, have guests walk a makeshift runway
down the middle of the room. Best walk wins makeup, hair products, copies of
Marie Claire magazine and DVDs of other seasons of “PR.



Guests will need to work the runway, so
encourage them to dress to impress or come ready to wear whatever outfit they
can piece together from the aforementioned piles on the floor.


On the menu:

Models and food go together like Billy Joel
and the open road, so we suggest a huge buffet table set up with a single small
plate of Wheat Thins aside a
pyramid of sparkling water.


On the hi-fi:

Supermodel (You Better Work) by RuPaul, Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous by RuPaul, Cover Girl (Put the Bass in Your
by RuPaul, Snapshot by RuPaul, Workout by RuPaul, Whatcha See Is
Whatcha Get
by RuPaul.


The showstopper:

If watching models on your
50-inch flat screen isn’t holding the same appeal as it used to, a quick trip
to Paris will put you in the middle of the style capital’s spring 2010 fashion
– replete with
its bevy of high-glamour models. Book a flight today; make
a friend. Bring cigarettes.

Posted by:Michael Korb