cam mitchell no kiss 'Modern Family' fans want to know: Where's the gay kissing?On “Modern Family,” gay couple Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) are madly in love, and they have an adorable baby… but in almost an entire season, we haven’t seen them exchange a single kiss. With only two episodes left until fall, the lack of physical affection between the pair has raised a few eyebrows.

Fans even started a Facebook campaign in the name of a Cam/Mitchell smooch. Hey, it worked for Betty White! Jesse Tyler Ferguson even tweeted a link to the profile, writing, “I will sign it if you will too!”

In the May 5 episode, titled “Airport 2010,” the issue was highlighted when Claire and Phil were reunited at the same time Cam and Mitchell were. The straight couple shared a kiss, while the two men hugged it out, as seen in the screen-grab above.

Fed up with the controversy, the “Modern Family” producers issued a statement to AfterElton. “Cameron and Mitchell are a loving, grounded, committed, and
demonstrably affectionate couple and have been from the beginning of
the series. It happens that we have an episode in the works that
addresses Mitchell’s slight discomfort with public displays of
affection. It will air in the fall and until then, as Phil Dunphy would
say, everyone please chillax.”

ABC has proven itself to be a gay-friendly network, with shows like “Brothers & Sisters” and “Ugly Betty” representing the gay community well. Still, we think it’s about time.

About time someone used the word “chillax” in a press statement, that is.

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