The Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker family heads to the Happiest Place on Earth on “Modern Family” Wednesday (May 9), and the trip looks like it goes about as well as you’d expect.

At least Claire (Julie Bowen) is happy. Not only does the Disneyland trip make her nostalgic for a day she and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) spent there as kids, but she’s also thrilled with the guy Haley (Sarah Hyland) brought along. Maybe a little too thrilled, as you can see in the clip at the top of the post.

Mitchell and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), meanwhile, are dealing with the fact that Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) is going through a running phase. Cam has come up with a way to handle it, but Mitchell is not overly excited about it. Somehow we can see lots of parents nodding knowingly at their TVs as the scene plays out.

Finally, Phil (Ty Burrell) wants very badly to ride everything with Luke (Nolan Gould), but he discovers he’s not as young as he once was. Try to power through, Phil. Take a look:

“Modern Family” airs at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Rick Porter