modern family alex horror 'Modern Family' horror remix: Don't mess with Alex Dunphy!For anyone (we’re not naming any names) who may be growing a tad weary of “Modern Family’s” increasingly schmaltzy life-lesson endings, this recut of footage from the ABC sitcom is the perfect antidote. Imagine if — instead of a show about a happy if dysfunctional family — the show was actually a horror movie. Further imagine that the evil character striking fear into the hearts of her castmates was one Alex Dunphy (Ariel Winter) — aka the mild-mannered mild Dunphy child.

Well, totally went there and although it runs a tad long at 5:16, we get it — there was just so much good stuff they didn’t want to leave anything out. Watch as Alex is transformed into the bad seed — no one, not even baby Lily is safe from her psychosis.

And seriously, it is a reminder that the show may be leaning a bit hard on the goodie-two-shoes message lately, but isn’t afraid to go to a dark place for a laugh from time to time. And we like that.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson