jesse tyler ferguson modern family s2 'Modern Family': Jesse Tyler Ferguson on the return of Shelley Long ... and Fizbo?Shelley Long is back on the “Modern Family” set, and she’s bringing a new guy with her.

Long’s TV son, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, says Long is filming her return appearance as Mitchell and Claire’s (Julie Bowen) mother, DeDe, this week. The occasion for her return is Lily’s second birthday, and as you might expect, things don’t go exactly as planned.

“I invite DeDe to come and stay with us, and of course hilarity ensues and disaster ensues,” Ferguson said Wednesday (Jan. 12) during the TV critics winter press tour.

What kind of disaster? Per Ferguson, “She actually brings back with her Claire’s boyfriend from high school” — played by Matt Dillon. (Cue freakout by Claire, and very possibly another by Ty Burrell‘s Phil.)

On top of all that, there may also be — no, check that, will also be — some conflict between Lily’s two dads over the birthday party. That, however, has nothing to do with DeDe and everything to do with a certain lovable but tough-as-nails clown.

“Cameron [Eric Stonestreet] wants to bring Fizbo to Lily’s birthday, and I absolutely do not want that,” Ferguson says. “So that’s a big conflict right there. That’s a good one.”

The episode will likely air in February.

Posted by:Rick Porter