modern family little bo bleep 'Modern Family': Lily said a bad, bad thingIf an anti-profanity group accomplished anything by protesting Wednesday’s (Jan. 18) “Modern Family,” it was probably only to get a few more people to watch it.*

(*Maybe. Ratings will probably be down opposite the premiere of “American Idol,” but the show has held up reasonably well opposite “Idol” in the past and we expect it will this year too.)

Because, as with a lot of ginned-up controversies around TV shows, little Lily saying a bad word did not exactly throw civilization off its axis. And like Cam and eventually the rest of the family, we couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

We’re not advocating little children working blue, but Lily’s situation strikes us as pretty close to reality (give or take a hideous light-up flower girl dress). Parents of young kids we know have told us similarly mortifying stories of their children dropping an F-bomb, and they end up as shocked as Mitchell was and as unable to contain their laughter as Cam was.

Although Lily was bleeped several times (the show’s producers had her say “fudge” during filming), the focus was more on how Mitchell and Cam reacted to it and tried to discipline her — not all that successfully, which strikes us as another true-to-life situation.

And also? The Lily-curses plot was, at most, a shared A-story with Claire preparing for her city council debate against Duane Bailey (the returning David Cross). Watching Julie Bowen try to rein in all of Claire’s impatient tics was a pretty fine feat of physical comedy, and Phil inserting himself into the debate at exactly the wrong time made a cringe-worthy scene that much more cover-your-eyes crazy.

As for Stella in the swimming pool, the less said about that the better. (And, by the way, whose wedding was it that the entire family was attending?) But after a rocky first episode of 2012, “Modern Family” seems to be in a better groove with these last two episodes.

What did you think of the episode?

Posted by:Rick Porter