modern family actors studio 'Modern Family': Preview the cast's 'Inside the Actors Studio' appearanceThere’s no new “Modern Family” coming our way for a few months, so we’d like to extend our gratitude to “Inside the Actors Studio” for giving us more of the cast in Tuesday’s (June 7) episode.

The six adult members of the Emmy-winning show’s cast sit down with James Lipton to talk about their careers leading up the series, how they work together on the show and, in the case of Eric Stonestreet, being “gay for pay.”

That’s how Jesse Tyler Ferguson describes his co-star in the first clip below. The two also talk rather amusingly about working with the two toddlers who play their adopted daughter Lily.

The second clip stars Julie Bowen, who explains how she went from an Italian Renaissance studies major at Brown to a professional actor, with a couple bumps along the way. The “coffee cup” she talks about is a well-known exercise for beginning actors studying the Lee Strasberg method, which she apparently never got.

“Inside the Actors Studio” airs at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday on Bravo.

Posted by:Rick Porter