modern family lily recast 'Modern Family' recasting baby LilyWhen Zap2it attended a Paley Center event for “Modern Family” last summer, roughly half the audience shouted “Lily!” when the child first appeared in the episode screened before the Q-and-A. The adorable little girl, played by twins Ella and Jaden Hiller, certainly has her fans.

But alas, those fans will be seeing a new Lily in the coming season of the ABC comedy.

According to E! Online, “Modern Family” is recasting the role to make Lily a little bit older than she currently is. A casting notice is seeking a “3- to 4-year-old daughter of Mitchell [Jesse Tyler Ferguson] and Cameron [Eric Stonestreet].”

What that likely means is that Lily will be a little more animated — and maybe even talk a little bit — in the coming season, which could also see Mitchell and Cam start the process of bringing another child into their family.

That all makes perfect sense, and it’s a natural progression for the Pritchett-Tucker household and the character of Lily. Still, we’ll kind of miss the poker-faced, silent Lily of the first two seasons; her lack of emation was often used to great comic effect.

Your thoughts on the recasting? Do you think it makes sense for the show?

Posted by:Rick Porter