There could be some tension on the “Modern Family” set in the coming days, thanks to a college football game involving Ty Burrell‘s and Eric Stonestreet‘s favorite teams.

Oregon and Kansas State play in the Fiesta Bowl Thursday (Jan. 3), and things are already a little touchy between Burrell, an Oregon native, and Stonestreet, a K-State alum. You can see just how touchy in this amusing ESPN promo.

The two actors make a show of being nice about the game, and hoping to score some free socks for the “Toasty Toes Fiesta Bowl.” But they can’t keep the happy faces on for too long, and soon enough they’re in a couch cushion-throwing fight.

It’s a tough call as to the funniest bit: Either Burrell’s delivery of the line “My mascot is delicious” or both actors screaming at the crew member holding the clapboard who’s wearing a Notre Dame T-shirt.

The Fiesta Bowl airs Thursday night on ESPN, and “Modern Family” returns to ABC on Jan. 9.

Posted by:Rick Porter