ferguson-stonestreet-modern-family-320.jpgEvery episode of “Modern Family” is, essentially, a celebration of the three central couples on the series (as well as their spawn). But this week’s (Feb. 10) Valentine’s Day episode really showcased the strengths of each pair.

Claire and Phil’s effort to keep things fresh despite the frustration of three teenage/pre-teen kids in their house is admirable. Plus, Phil is just pure comedy with his well-meaning attempts to be far cooler than he is or will ever be. And Claire is his perfect straight (wo)man.

Cam is the comedian in the Mitchell-Cameron duo and does he ever do it well, whether its a subtle “caught” look (say, after Mitch calls him out on eating the entire top layer of chocolates and trying to pass it off as a full box, ha!), a quick little quip or a flamboyant display of his dramatic self. And that, juxtaposed with Mitchell’s dry, down-to-earth disposition often makes for magic.

Jay is just hilarious because he’s old and set in his ways and says inappropriate things while managing to always stay likable. Also, he’s got a hot (and slightly less old) wife with a funny accent who knows how to deliver a good line.

Of course there’s Haley and Dylan too, who are just the picture of young, dumb love.

Picking a favorite couple in this family is probably harder than in most real life families — no doubt some of us would rather go to dinner with one of these fictional duos over our own blood relatives — but KTV is asking you to decide anyway… 

So funny.

“Modern Family” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh