sofia vergara sag awards modern family wins SAG Awards 2014: 'Modern Family' wins Best Comedy Ensemble again, Sofia Vergara thanks her boobs

During the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday (Jan. 18), “Modern Family” continued to dominate the Best Ensemble in a Comedy award with its fourth consecutive win.

As the cast took the stage to accept the award, Julie Bowen let Sofia Vergara take the mic to give the speech on behalf of everyone. “We’re going to make Sofia talk because America loves her and her boobs,” Bowen says.

Vergara then decided to keep the speech focused on her boobs, because why not? We were already thinking about them, anyway.

“Thanks to our writers who make us sound so funny, our whole crew that makes us look so pretty, and to my boobs,” Vergara says. “And to SAG, thank you. We’re going to go party now.”

Short, simple and brutally honest. Nice speech, Vergara.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum