ferguson stonestreet modern family 320 'Modern Family's' Eric Stonestreet on Sofia Vergara: 'That really tested my ability to play a gay man.'

“Modern Family” has been MIA for the past couple weeks, but Korbi TV (and about 1400 other lucky people) were blessed with a screening of this week’s (Mar. 3) episode at The Paley Festival last Friday. 

Now, I’ve already gushed about how brilliantly funny this “Fears” ep is, as I feel it could be the best half hour “Modern Family” has turned out so far. 
But I will repeat it once again: “Fears”? Brilliantly funny.
And that’s saying a lot considering the other gems they’ve produced in this first season.
And, word is, the bar will continue to rise. 

In the clips below, I chat with Korbi TV’s favorite “Modern Family” coupleEric Stonestreet (Cam) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) — who talk of the upcoming family trip to Hawaii, Mitchell doing physical comedy with a pigeon, Cam joining Dylan’s band as the drummer (yes, Haley’s boyfriend Dylan, mhmm) and a solid Stonestreet-Sofia Vergara (Gloria) team up.
“I go on a date with Gloria because I said a faux pas at a dinner party and I felt really bad about it,” Stonestreet explains in the video. “So we go out for dinner, her and I together. That really tested my ability to play a gay man, spending a week with Sofia Vergara. I said if anybody sees any of my straightness … that’s gonna be the week to see it.” 

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‘Modern Family’: You Ask, I Answer

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