modern family 320 'Modern Family's' Jesse Tyler Ferguson: 'I have crushes on all the Jonas Brothers'“Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson feels a certain amount of responsibility playing Mitchell, one half of the show’s gay couple.

With this show, it was never a question about quote unquote staying in the closet — which I’ve never been in,” he tells Out. “With ‘Modern Family,’ I was very eager to
talk about my sexuality because I think there is a responsibility that
comes with playing a married gay couple on network television.

We try not to take it too seriously because it is a
comedy, but you can’t ignore the social ramifications,” Ferguson says. “[Castmate Ty Burell] said we’re kind of bringing a gay Trojan horse to Middle
America. We’re introducing this gay couple in a very safe way… we’re sneaking into so many Middle American
living rooms.”

They don’t play it safe all the time, though. In an upcoming episode, Mitchell is forced to dress in drag. “In one episode I end up in Sofia Vergara’s dress
because I’ve been sprayed by a skunk, and they were really nervous
about putting a gay character in a dress
,” Ferguson says. The producers were concerned about Ferguson’s reaction, but they stopped worrying when they came to set and saw Ferguson “twirling around [between takes].”

As for his own love life, Ferguson has a very high-profile celebrity crush! “Evan Lysacek, yes. I’m not hiding it. I hear he
lives in L.A. too, so it’s just a matter of time before we meet.
Although I don’t know if he’s gay,” he says. “
He’s probably too young for me. I need to get out of
the 20-year-old age bracket. Like, I have crushes on all of the Jonas
Brothers. I assume that’s OK?”

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