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PaleyFest. For the true TV fan, this is an event one absolutely must experience at least once. It’s almost religious. 

Friday (Feb. 26) night, the 27th edition of the festival began with a tribute to one of TV’s best new comedies, “Modern Family.”
The hot topic on the carpet: Hawaii. 
As Korbi TV first reported a few weeks back, the cast of “MF” will travel to Maui to film an episode in about 10 days.

While there, I feel like it would be pretty convenient for Julie Bowen to just pop on over to “Lost” and film a return appearance as Jack’s (Matthew Fox) ex-wife. Perhaps Julie’s “Lost” character could shed a little light on this whole Jack-has-a-teenage-kid storyline? 

When I broached the subject with Bowen, she got pretty worked up.

“I know, I just heard this!,” she exclaims in the clip below. “I just found this out. Jack has a teenage son. But that’s my kid!”

Is it, though?!
“I’d like to think so,” Bowen said. “It’s a parallel universe, right? So anything is possible.”

But has Bowen been approached to reprise her role as Jack’s ex-wife on “Lost”? Apparently she has spoken to the producers a little bit, but there’s nothing formal in the works as of yet.
Again, though, anything is possible.
Watch the clip below to see Bowen’s reaction to Jack’s big surprise for yourself. She’s also talking about her on-screen husband, Ty Burrell, and he, too, is talking about her. But one of them is being sincere and the other is just being silly… 

Lotta love there… Lotta love.

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