We’ve reached the home stretch on Momma’s Boys. In this, the penultimate episode, romance and bitterness is in the air as the moms and remaining girls try to win over the hearts and minds of our bachelors.

It’s nearly midnight and the few remaining girls start packing for the trip to the US Virgin Islands. Since Michael picked Meghan, Lorraine opts to be completely honest and voices her disapproval of the way she dresses and even pulls the Playboy card. Meghan tries to assure her of her strength of character and that her "edgy" way of dressing isn’t an all the time thing, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Erica is sitting uneasy in her seat. In her confessional she starts crying because she knows that revealing her Pet of the Year status with Penthouse will jeopardize everything. That smacking sound you hear is the producers licking their chops.

Everyone arrives in St. Thomas and as soon as they get there, Khalood is already starting in on Jojo. Meanwhile, Esther is sure that Rob won’t be getting close to Camilla since he comes from two sets of Holocaust survivor grandparents. Michael, on the the other hand, finds himself being drawn to Meghan despite Erica being his mom’s favorite. And, as they all frolic about with various trained sea animals, Mrs. B comments on how big Mindy’s rack is and that she doesn’t like it. Way to bring the room down. Stay classy, Khalood.

The next group date activity involved Lorriaine, Michael, Amanda, Erica, and Meghan going speed sailing. Lorraine did not appreciate Meghan’s choice of a babydoll dress for the boat. I can see how constantly being flashed wouldn’t be fun for her. Afterward, Michael picks Flasher McGee for his one-on-one date since they’ve been able to swap spit in secret but not actually have a conversation in the light of day. She tells Michael that she doesn’t think Lorraine likes her despite having warm feelings for his mom. This is the first time that he actually admits the Playboy thing may be a problem since he wants his girl to be accepted by his family and may not be comfortable with the idea of other guys ogling her bits and pieces. But those serious thoughts only last so long because soon enough they’re making out in the water and on the sand. Meanwhile, Lorraine is coaching Erica and really encouraging her to make more of an effort to get Michael’s attention. After the date, he confessionals that being with Meghan felt right but in the back of his head he knows his mom despises her so he’s conflicted.

Jojo goes on a date with Mindy that starts at sunset. They’re treated to a mini-concert from a steel drum band. They show them how to play and Mindy is so excited by it. She’s super adorable and Jojo is smitten. They get to have a little picnic and Mindy takes this opportunity to talk to him about Mrs. B. She says that while she loves her and respects her, she feels that there should be a balance and asks if he’d stand up for her to his mom. Jojo tries to assure her that he would defend his girlfriend to his mom, something he backs up in an intercut confessional where he says he’ll have to confront Khalood about hurting Mindy’s feelings earlier. He really is digging her.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the date, mosquitoes began attacking so they decide to get in the water. Mindy and Jojo kiss and his voice over states that he got butterflies, hers says that it’s the first time she’s felt her heart pound in her chest like that. They really must be adorable if I can’t really think of anything appropriately snarky to say here. Knowing that his mom has already stated none of the girls there are good enough for him, Jojo admits that he’s screwed if he stands up to Khalood and screwed if he loses Mindy. If I were him, I’d just run away from home and join the circus.

Rob and Camilla’s date is for the whole day and she’s really excited since it’s their first one-on-one. They went shopping and he picked out a cute outfit for her and she picked out a light, tropical print, button down shirt for him. Esther believes that they only have a friend-type relationship but she’s very wrong. Rob admits that when they went to browse at a jewelry store, he’d leisurely put the baubles on for her to steal extra moments to be close to her, even going so far as to give her a little kiss or whisper something romantic-like in her ear. While walking around, they start talking about music and it surprises Camilla that he’s into Hip Hop. Bonus points.

They wander to the top of a mountain with a great view and into some ruins…and they kiss. A lot. At lunch, Rob asks how her family would react to bringing home a Jewish boy. She says that they’re very open and asks if he’s talked to his mom about being interested in her. He says that he’s already done it, not even waiting for her to finish the question before he responds. Rob explains that because of his mom’s background and that he’s only every brought home white, Jewish girls, it’s never occurred to her that he might fall for someone completely different. But he doesn’t care, he feels what he feels. It’s this point that Rob surprises her with the necklace and earrings they’d tried on earlier. Triple bonus points!

Back at the house, Esther is not happy that the date has lasted all day, reasoning to everyone that Camilla needs extra time to convince Rob she’s the one. Actually, it lasted all day so they could get in a hot tub at sunset overlooking the ocean and make out. As soon as she gets home, they drill Camilla about the date and she’s all too happy to share. Esther isn’t pleased at all and makes all kinds of snide comments but Camilla brushes it off (or at least tries). Esther’s open hostility is a little surprising.

The last date shown is between Michael and Amanda. They go scuba diving and their voice overs wax poetic about how lovely each thinks the other is. Bleh. Michael is impressed by how, without having ever done it before, Amanda is willing to dive down forty feet. While down there, he signals for her to take out her regulator so they can kiss. Yes, that’s very romantic. Until they drown. They go to lunch at a hotel with a spectacular view. They had a great conversation and kept finding out how much they have in common. They also go to look at the view from a suite at the top of the hotel and kiss for the first real time. Aw…*bleh*.

Eliminations are approaching so the customary mom/son visits commence. Esther asks what kind of connection Rob has with Camilla which starts a fight. Despite his insistence that he has real feeling for her, his mom is still in denial and pushes Lauren on him yet again. Lorraine continues to campaign for Meghan’s elimination, telling Michael to not get caught up in the romance of St. Thomas. She also says that if he eliminates Erica, he’ll be making a big mistake because he’ll be pleasantly surprised by her. Oh, surprised indeed. Someone get a towel – the producers are salivating all over the floor.

As they are in a tropical paradise, what better place to break a young woman’s heart than on a beautiful beach at sunset? Lorraine announces the altered rules of this elimination. The sons will axe one girl while the moms will choose who they think is best for their son to go on the final super-sized romantical date.

To no one’s surprise, Lorriane picks Erica. Well, maybe to Amanda’s surprise. Esther also surprises no one by picking Lauren. Mrs. B begins crying because she loves her son ever so but doesn’t feel like either girl is right for him, opting to pick no one. Again. Yeah. Anyone surprised? Hands? Anyone? No? Thought not. Why doesn’t she just give them the finger and spit in their faces while she’s at it?

Michael can’t chose between Amanda and Meghan so he defaults to his mom’s choice, eliminating Meghan. The tears she was fighting off finally come out. She knew she was doomed from the start. He walks up and apologizes, saying it’s the hardest thing he’s had to do. Meghan isn’t a complete wreck and says in her final interview that she knows there’s a mom out there that will love her. Michael hugs Lorraine for comfort and may actually be tearing up a little. Manwhores have feelings too.

It’s down to Camilla and Nikki for Rob and, when addressing Nikki, says he doesn’t think they truly connected as much as he and Camilla did. So it’s bye bye to Nikki. Esther is unhappy with the choice and starts crying. Nikki and Rob hug and she starts crying too. It’s a double whammy because he hated making her feel bad and, when he sees that mom is upset, he feels even worse. Buck up little camper. At least you don’t have to feel like Camilla who know your mom doesn’t like her so much that she broke down when you eliminated the other girl.

Jojo is the last to make a decision. Since Mrs. B didn’t chose anyone, he’ll still have to eliminate someone and the last girl standing will have to go up against his mom. Between Julie and Mindy, he picks Mindy saying that he’s fallen for her. Khalood is predictably unhappy but Julie is ecstatic. I guess it’s not enough the Mindy is blonde and lovely.

When it all comes down to it, Lorraine is the only person truly happy with how things turned out. But that will only last until Erica drops that Penthouse bomb. And then it’ll be emotional anarchy. Can someone please get the producers a bucket or something?

Big ups to Rob for seemingly being the only guy with the huevos to consistantly stand up his mother. Your thoughts about this week’s episode? How in denial is Esther? Do you think you know who the guys will pick next week?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks