This week’s Momma’s Boys was all over the place. There was a fake holiday party, massive eliminations, and the most elaborate, least sneaky way to spy on someone ever.

So Michael, ever brilliant, sends a text and had Meghan sneak out of the house to meet him after the last elimination.  He wanted to talk over the whole Playboy thing and came to the conclusion that he doesn’t care what his mom says because he’s intrigued by her. They kiss briefly before she goes back inside. Michael is a manwhore.

The next morning, all the girls are gathered in the living room when a priest and a rabbi walk in. No, for reals. The challenge is to create a Christmas morning or Hanukkah party in two hours complete with food and decorations. Camilla is really trying to learn about Jewish traditions and asks the Rabbi to teach her. Some of the child relatives of the three moms/sons come to help set things up to see how they interact with the bachelorettes.

Erica and Michael set up the tree and Lorraine is pleased by how well they’re getting along. But Erica is still waiting to tell the both of them about Penthouse because she’s nervous about their reactions. Meanwhile Misty is getting along very well with Jojo’s little cousins and she hopes both he and Mrs. B notice (but mainly Jojo). To kick up a little good natured dust, she finds some mistletoe and hangs it in a doorway. Wait. Did I say good matured dust? I didn’t mean that at all. Misty was totally doing it to get on Khalood’s nerves.

Esther and Rob are very impressed by how much Camilla has learned in such a small amount of time. Though Lauren likes how she’s taken interest in her and Rob’s shared culture, she’s just a little jealous by all the attention she’s getting.

Michael, confused by how to pick a girl he likes while honoring his mother’s wishes, consults the priest who advises that sometimes you just have to cut the cord. Shortly later, Meghan sends Michael a text to give him a treat. He sneaks away to meet her downstairs where she’s dressed up like a slutty Mrs. Claus and they two of them make out while everyone upstairs begins dinner. And this is right after he talks with a priest. Klassy.

While everything turned out well in general, Mrs. B is not digging how good an impression Misty has been making on Jojo, Esther appreciates that Camilla is really taking an interest but would prefer Rob end up with Lauren, and Lorraine is worried that despite how awesome Erica’s been that day, Michael’s still running in Michelle and/or Meghan’s direction.

Later, Erica gets her first date text from Michael. His voiceover assessment sums her up as having a great body and that his mother likes her. *giant sigh* They have a good time on their date and kiss, thankfully there’s much less of a sleazy vibe to their interaction than with either of the blondes. The date went very well, they can both see this as developing into a solid relationship which increases Erica’s fear of revealing her deep, dark secret.

Misty gets a date text from Jojo, which doesn’t go down well with Khalood. Mrs. B doesn’t like her outfit, calling it slutty, and starts a fight with Misty on the way out. Khalood says if she had any respect for her, she wouldn’t go on the date. Misty’s paraphrased response? "That’s true. And guess where I’m going? On a date with Jojo." Burn! Their conversation escalates to the point where ten other girls have to come and break them up.

Jojo and Misty start out by climbing on an outdoor rock wall. She’s afraid of heights but to her credit she makes it to the top and gets a little kiss as a prize. Afterward, they relax in hot tub and talk a little bit. Meanwhile, Mrs. B has been freaking out and asks the producers to take her on a spying trip. She’s put in a helicopter and says she doesn’t even want to see them holding hands.

Misty initiates the first hot tub kiss, she admits partially out of spite, but she is into Jojo. Giving Mrs. B a screen with a telephoto video feed, she sees them kissing and let’s just say she doesn’t react favorably. In fact, she rams her fist against the helicopters window. Um..yeah. Crashing the helicopter will totally ruin their date. Good plan.

Khalood demands to be dropped off at the date site but doesn’t get her wish. She’s never seen her son with a black woman and wants to castrate him in reaction to it. Nice. Suddenly, Jojo and Misty notice the Airwolf action and neither thought it’d really be Mrs. B. Oh, but it is. Seeing them kiss was so traumatic for her that, after the initial anger, she cries and says she feels alone.

Coming back to the house, Mrs. B comes out and talks to Camilla and Maisha about how upset she was. This is the first time Khalood fully realizes the truly negative impact her comments have had on other people. The best part is when she says that she’s not racist and asks the girls what they think…and they are silent for a beat. Mrs. B further explains that it’s not about color, she’s just really bad at expressing herself, that she just wants the best for Jojo. Major props for Camilla and Maisha for delicately and properly steering Mrs. B in the right direction. It took a couple weeks but they finally did it.

Misty gets home as the moms and some of the girls talk about her helicopter ride in the kitchen. Mrs. B takes her aside on a private talk. They have a quiet, heartfelt discussion and apologize for their respecitive behaviors. Khalood explains that it’s not because Misty is black, it’s because she’s there to find the perfect girl for Jojo. Misty says that what she wants is unrealistic only because there will never be a girl that meets Mrs. B’s crazy standards. They hug and peace has been made between the two. Theoretically.

It’s elimination day and Mrs. B is the only one we see talking to her son in the hotel room. He says that he’d never do anything to hurt her but he has to do what’s best for him in terms of dating. At the house, Lorraine once again pushes to get Michelle booted. Saying that she knows how much he loves long hair, she reveals that Michelle has extensions.

Esther is still trying to push Lauren on Rob and he asks for her to cut it out. She’s pushing the culture angle hard but that’s because her parents were Holocaust survivors who rebuilt their lives and tradition here. Wow. Rob tells his mom that he knows how important it is and is normally in situations that helps facilitate meeting Jewish girls. However, this in not one of those situations and he vowed to come in with an open mind and will honor that.

Before cuts are be made, Rob reads off a card that this is the last night everyone will be spending in the house. Each guy gets two plane tickets to give away to a bachelorette he wants to fly off to the US Virgin Islands for a romantic date. The mothers have one ticket as well to give away as well.

Lauren gets the first ticket from Esther, no surprise from Rob. Camilla gets one as well and starts crying a little and hugs him when he gives her the ticket. Afterward, she makes sure Esther knows how much she likes her as well and noticed that she’s not been as happy when she and Rob interact with other people. Esther assures Camilla that there is affection and gives her a hug, though it’s a bit of a stand-offish one. Amanda gets Rob’s second ticket but turns it down based on the fact that she doesn’t want to live in the city. He’s disappointed but respects her honesty. (Except she’s not really honest because she turned him down hoping Michael will pick her.) Nikki instead gets the ticket and is very happy.

Michael gives Erica a ticket, no shock. Amanda’s gamble pays off and Lorraine picks her. There’s one ticket left and, instead of texting, he and Lorraine walk up to where all the other girls are waiting. He makes Meghan and Michelle step forward and admits that he’s been involved with both of them. But Meghan gets the nod. I’m sure the Santa outfit helped. Skin to win.

Misty is the first to get called by Jojo but she gets rejected because he doesn’t like it when a girl disrespects his mother. Misty was hurt and Mrs. B was happy but Jojo looked a little disappointed. Julie gets Jojo’s first ticket and Mindy gets the other. Both blonde. I’m sure Mrs. B is happy. Mrs. B and Jojo go to address the remaining girls and, instead of giving the ticket to anyone, she says that she doesn’t think any of the girls are worthy and rips it up, letting it fall to the ground. Harsh. Some of the girls tear up a bit because, well, that was mean.

Maisha and Liz get pointed out by Jojo as being amazing girls and apologizes for the difficult situation. To Maisha’s credit, she says that if she managed to affect the way Khalood looks at things, then she was there for a reason. Maisha is far too good a person to have to deal with that crap.

Assorted Bits & Pieces

  • I’m not surprised that Michael picked Meghan. She seemed to have her stuff together more than Michelle, who by the way said the mock Christmas dinner would’ve been better if it were catered. Yeah. If Michelle had given him a pair of her drawers, it might’ve been a harder decision for Michael.
  • Misty liked Jojo fine enough but it’s probably for the best that she didn’t make it to the next round. Mrs. B might’ve taken a hit out on her.
  • While I understand why Esther is lobbying so hard for Lauren, how many times does Rob have to say she’s just not that into her? Clearly at least 18 more times.
  • I feel bad for Jojo. He seems to be free of a lot of his mom’s hang-ups but he just not strong enough to go against her wishes yet. Not that Mindy or Julie aren’t perfectly nice girls. By the time he’s 30 and still alone, he’s going to be one bitter man.
  • How long until Jojo and Mrs. B ends up on The Tyra Banks Show to discuss her uber-prejudiced points of view?

Your thoughts? How bad are Lorraine and Michael going to react to Erica’s confession next week? Are you surprised by who the guys picked? Did Khalood really make a breakthrough or is she just being manipulative again?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks