moms brawl latisha james orlando police Moms brawl at Florida talent show and there's video

Nothing makes a talent show quite as exciting as a fight in the audience. That’s what happened in Orlando, Florida recently when a group of second graders sang and danced to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.”
It all went down when Latisha James (pictured) stood from her chair to get a better view of the performance. In doing so she blocked the view of Jessica Tyler, who was also trying to see the show.
Tyler says she asked James to sit down, according to the Orlando Sentinel, but she refused and tossed in some choice profanity. From there Tyler returned her seat for a moment, before returning to James to snap her own photos of the show.
At this point, each has their own version of the events. Tyler says she accidentally bumped into a small child that was with James, knocking the kid to the floor. Tyler then returned to her seat without a word. James is then accused of following her to the seat, grabbing her by the throat and throwing several punches.
According to James, she confronted Tyler after the child was knocked to the floor. “I told you to move,” she alleges Tyler said. She says Tyler then pushed her on the shoulder, which led to the fight.
James, who police believe is the primary aggressor, was arrested Sunday (June 2) on battery charged. Tyler hasn’t been arrested, but both are listed as suspects an victims in the investigation. Of course, they also plan to file charge against each other.
As it was a talent show, there was naturally a video camera on the whole fight. So, you can see that below:

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