Mona-Lisa-copy.jpgA copy of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa is on display at Spain’s Prado museum. It apparently was painted by one of Da Vinci’s apprentices around the same time as the original.

The painting is on display until March 13 at the museum. Then it will head over to the Louvre in Paris. It will hang next to the original so viewers can compare the two side by side. Though no one knows who painted this, it’s considered the earliest known copy of the famous “La Gioconda.”

“It’s a good thing for the Prado — anything that brings people here and
encourages them to look and to think,” Gabriele Finaldi, the
museum’s deputy director of conservation and research told

For more than 200 years the
background behind the Gioconda copy was black, but
when work began on the restoration two years ago for an exhibit, x-rays revealed the landscape and changes made int he copy that reflected changes made in the original painting.

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