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The Dish Rag ran into '60s music icon Davy Jones  about Mackenzie Phillips‘ allegations of incest with her father, John Phillips, the founder of The Mamas and the Papas.

And boy did he say a mouthful about his old friend John.

“I was very friendly with John and that whole

gang,” Jones, a member of infamous '60s band, The Monkees, admitted at the Macy's Passport fundraiser. “And I’ve known Mackenzie since she was a little

girl. She’s always been lovely and kind. I’ve seen her many

times over the years. I absolutely believe her."

Like so many of us, he tried to watch her on Oprah's show. Find out why he could not watch it, his

take on stepmother Michelle Phillips, why he feels guilty and his offer of help

to Mackenzie.


 ”I had to turn it off," says Davy. "It was too painful.  I have kids of my own, and they grew up with her. There wasn’t any indication at all of this kind of thing. I had no absolutely no idea. Just the idea of John even saying to her that 'We could move away to someplace where this is accepted.'  If I had known about this back then, I would have killed John.

 ”I feel guilty about it. I would have stole her away and took her away.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have anyone to turn to.”

About Michelle Phillips’ disbelief, Davy thinks she’s way off base. 

“Michelle is a bit scattered because she’s saying she doesn’t believe her.  I totally believe Mackenzie. She’s always been a sweet girl. And I’m here for her if she needs me.”

More on Thursday night's Macy's Passpport AIDS charity event:

Davy Jones contributed $5,000 to AIDS research at the Macy’s Passport event Thursday night and went up on stage to be hugged by emcee Sharon Stone. 

The event raises funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS organizations. Designers such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Levi's and Rachel Roy showed off their designs at the glamorous event. 

Also supporting the cause, “Beverly Hills 90210's” Annalynne McCord, “Dancing with the Stars'" Kathy Ireland (who introduced dear friend Elizabeth Taylor), and LaToya Jackson, who had some stern minders who prevented us from chatting with her.

Producer Dan Jinks (“Milk,” “Pushing Daisies,” “American Beauty”) told us: “This is a problem that affects everybody worldwide. We all should be talking about it, educating ourselves, and working harder to find a cure. It’s the world’s number No. 1 health problem. “

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Reporting: Leah Sydney

Photo: Davy Jones with another troubled child star who went public with her sex and drug past, Maureen McCormick. Credit: Getty Images


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