nick cannon mariah carey getty Monroe and Moroccan: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon name the twinsOn Tuesday (May 2), Mariah Carey teased us with a hint about the names of her newly-born twins. She and husband Nick Cannon, she tweeted, had chosen names for their girl and boy twins that both start with the letter “M”.

She wasn’t lying.

On Wednesday (May 3), a rep for Carey confirmed the babies’ names to CNN.

For their son, Carey and Cannon chose the name “Moroccan Scott Cannon.” His nickname will reportedly be “Roc.” Good, because “Moroccan Scott” sounds like the weed dealer who lives in the next block.

Carey and Cannon’s daughter, on the other hand, lucked out with a less ethnicity-inspired name: “Monroe Cannon.” Yes, named after Marylin Monroe, with whom Carey undoubtedly feels a kinship. No nickname was released for Monroe, though one Zap2it staffer suggested “Roe” to go with “Roc.” Oh, and one more detail: little Monroe didn’t get a middle name because Mariah doesn’t have one.

We see where this is going (“Mommy Dearest”).

Thanks to everyone who voted in yesterday’s polls speculating about the baby names. Sadly, we just didn’t go out far enough on that limb to come up with “Moroccan Scott” and “Monroe.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson