patty jenkins 'Monster' director Patty Jenkins to helm 'Thor 2'

The superhero game is decidedly a boy’s club. Iron MAN, Spider-MAN, BatMAN, we imagine you see the pattern. The superhero genre is even more gender exclusive when it comes to who directs the movies. But the super glass ceiling has been broken and “Monster” director Patty Jenkins has been announced as the new helmer of “Thor 2.” And Thor himself, Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth, is leading off with a glowing endorsement:

“She has a great take on the story and a solid grasp on that kind of universe…[Kenneth] Branagh read every comic book he could get his hands on. She also looked like she had done her homework.”

With a July 26, 2013 release date, Jenkins has plenty of time to catch up on the decades of Thor comics. While none of Jenkins’ movies have a particularly epic feel to them, Marvel is known for their inspired directing choices as of late (Branagh for “Thor,” Jon Favreau for “Iron Man“) so we trust their vision. Plus worse comes to worse, “The Avengers” will be on Blu-Ray by then.

Posted by:janderson