So, Beth knows Mick St. John is a vampire, but I still don’t know how I feel about Moonlight. I felt the pilot had too much information crammed into its hour and resolved too many stories that could have possibly been interesting, and the second episode did the unexpected by revealing Mick’s nature so early as well. All the same, I am curious where they take us this week, so let’s get to it!

Beth comes back to Mick’s home because she needs reassurance that she did not see what she thinks she saw, but Mick tells her again that he is a vampire. He also reveals that there is a few hundred of them in LA and that since they’ve been hunted for so long it is very important that she keeps the secret. Is it wise to share your secrets with someone who works for a tabloid? I appreciate that they pause and have Beth admit that she is struggling with all the information before they have her start peppering him with questions. She asks how he became a vampire and he has a brief flashback to promising her new wife that he will love her forever before she takes him literally and bites him. He doesn’t answer Beth and she asks what it’s like to be a vampire, but he apparently has no stomach for recounting the specifics and sends her away.

Elsewhere on the streets of LA, there is what looks like a hit and run. A good Samaritan who happens to be a doctor stops to help and gets a mouthful of blood coughed in his face and bitten for his trouble. He stumbles to a nearby convenience store and rips into the snack aisle, trying to satiate a new hunger and ending up ripping into the clerk instead. When the murder is discovered, Beth in on the scene reporting, and her detective informant, Carl, lets her know the body was drained of blood. Her new information that vampires are real propels her to the morgue, where Mick has already arrived having been tipped off by Guillermo that a vampire murder arrived. Mick has already determined that the killer is a newborn vamp who is not being led by his sire when he meets her in the hall and decides to tell her about how they are made, and it is the standard story: the victim is drained to nearly the point of death and then is fed the blood of the vampire that is turning them. We see another flashback of his pale bride trying to reassure him that his turning was a wedding gift. Unfortunately for Mick, there is no return policy.

Up on his hill, Josef remembers his own turning and his first feral days with joy. I remain confused about his connection to Mick. It seems all he does is serve as a counter point to Mick, a vampire who enjoys what he is, juxtaposed with one who is tortured. But he tells Mick to visit the cleaner, who turns out to be just what she sounds like – she cleans up the bodies vampires leave. She admits she was called to the scene the night the rogue vampire appeared, but there was no body to clean. Mick convinces her to give up the name of the vampire who called her and he pays the sire a visit. The vampire in question, a rocket scientist by trade, admits to a solitary life and that he doesn’t typically feed on humans. When he finds out he didn’t manage to kill the good Samaritan that tried to help him, but turned him by accidentally coughing blood into his mouth, he seems appropriately shocked and tells Mick he only knows the man was a doctor. The logistics seem sketchy to me. The doctor wasn’t drained to the point of death and then fed the vampire’s blood, after all.

Speaking of the doctor, he’s running around, arms flailing wildly and covered in a good amount of blood, until he comes upon another hapless victim in a car garage. I laugh out loud when he says "don’t worry – I’m a doctor" before he attacks. I do love dark humor! When this body is found, Beth is on the scene again, and so is Carl. He lets slip that the two murders might be related and asks her not to report her findings. He chastises her for not listening when he asked her not to report on the earlier murder and I still don’t understand why he talks to her at all. Just to give her something to do when she’s not following Mick? But, Mick is there too, watching her report on his phone. He defensively comments that her reporting that official didn’t know "what" id the murder was awfully close to outing him and she points out that she didn’t say "vampire" and he grouses that it was close enough. All the same, Beth tells him what Carl told her. Mick asks if she can use her police contacts to get info on random crimes in the area. She asks if he is a P.I., why doesn’t he have contacts of his own, which is a very valid question. He explains that he doesn’t age and cops tend to catch on to things like that. Soon enough her contacts have turned up a likely fit in an abandoned car belonging to a Dr. Pollock having been recovered. At the Pollock homestead we see the Mrs. arrive home to find  groceries all over the garage. She opens the spare fridge to find her husband inside. She asks him where his clothes are and he admits that he didn’t need them and I wonder why she isn’t closing the garage door.

Speeding down the roads, Beth offers Mick some potato chips, adding she got the kind without garlic. He defensively tells her he can eat garlic … if he ate food. Which sort of contradicts what he said in the first episode, that he likes garlic on his pizza, but at this point an error in tense is a small offense comparatively. The best exchange of the night is when she asks if he can fly and he replies "Yup, just like superman." "Really?" she asks, and he dryly responds "No." But he does admit that he’s about 85 and she tells him immortality looks pretty good to her. I think it’s more that Mick looks pretty good. I actually enjoy the light give and take in their conversation though, and that she again disobeys when he tells her to wait in the car, pointing out what happened last week as why she is tagging along.

In the good doctor’s house, they find his wife, dead. As they wander through the house, Beth asks Mick what his life was like before he was a vampire and if he was married. He tells her his wife died and when she asks if he ever tried to turn her he snaps that she is dead. A noise in the other room stops them both and Mick goes to investigate. It seems the Rocket Scientist is back, having had a change of heart. He now wants the vampire he created as a companion, so he stops Mick with a stake through the chest, before going out to find his new son. Beth hears the front door close and goes to investigate, finding Mick with a sizable piece of lumber through his ribs. She rushes over and apparently the paralysis isn’t strong enough to keep him from telling her to take it out. She does and he coughs and sits up, telling her he heals fast before suggesting they go to the hospital.

The doctor is there and so is the professor who created him, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize insanity. Our last glimpse of the prof. is of him running down a hallway and calling out to Mick, who is running in the opposite direction that the doctor is crazy. Beth steps in the professor’s way and yells "you created a killer vampire and just left him! What’s wrong with you?" and I think she may want to keep her voice down or else risk being admitted to the psych ward herself. Mick has already found Dr. Pollack and they get into a predictable but well choreographed fight that ends with Mick staking him rogue and taking his paralyzed body to the incinerator.  Back at Josef’s estate, the older vampire tries to comfort Mick, suddenly spouting Buddhist wisdom. It doesn’t seem out of place, because the character of Josef is so bare of dimension, but the scene ends too soon. And the episode isn’t over yet. They go for the sappier ending with Mick going to Beth’s apartment and telling her how he was made and then admitting to her that she is the first human he has ever confided in, telling her that he trusts her before we go to credits.

Honestly, it was the best episode yet. There were fewer glaring inconsistencies, but the show still suffers from trying to pack too much into it’s time slot. I think a better ending would have been extending the final scene with Josef and fleshing out his relationship with Mick a bit more while maintaining at least a little tension between Mick and Beth, regarding whether or not he can trust a trashy-news reporter with his secret. I feel like Moonlight is constantly revealing it’s hand to us, and I am just as constantly wishing it would play it’s cards closer to it’s vest.

What say you, fellow Moonlighters? Are they not leaving us with enough mystery? Are too many characters serving merely as convenient story devices without dimension? Is Mick hot enough to make us not care?

Posted by:Jessica Paff