After the double whammy of losing James and the brilliant blindside on Alexis from Amanda last week, can Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites hold any more surprises for me? Nah, probably not, I’m just not that lucky. Still, I’m guessing like a mother about who’s going home this week, so I’d better tune in anyway!

It’s Fans vs. Favorites again! Cirie muses over the genius of Amanda’s move at tribal, and is quietly happy that Amanda knows that, even though she did not vote with her, she is still on Amanda’s side. At the same time, Erik is angry about Amanda’s harsh words for him at tribal, and plots with Natalie to get out to Exile Island to search for an immunity idol.

It’s not all hair up there, but it’s not much more than that. Cirie, Parvati and Amanda are a team again, and Amanda starts making overtures of an alliance with Erik, trying to get him to send Parvati to Exile if he wins the reward challenge. With the women spinning him in different directions, Erik doesn’t know which way is up. Now boy, get me a mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone, and don’t be cheap with the sprinkles.

At the reward challenge, the survivors are quizzed on classic moments from past seasons of Survivor. The first with four correct answers will be rewarded with a trip to a luxury spa for a good pampering. Superfan Erik takes the lead and does not surrender it, winning the challenge. Well, he might have won the reward, but he loses the battle by falling into Amanda’s trap. Parvati is sent to look for the immunity idol and Amanda goes along with Erik on the reward.

Our little boy’s all grows up! As disappointed as I am in the malleability of Erik’s alliances, I’m happy to see that someone shut Natalie’s pointy face up. Cirie delights in taking shots at her, constantly reminding Natalie of her tenuous position within the tribe. It seems to me that Erik does whatever he has been told to do most recently. Such a well behaved boy, his mother must be proud. While at the spa, he has a moment of epiphany. “It’s time to stop being an ice cream boy and start being an ice cream man,” he says. Maybe he’s hearing me type about my shaky confidence in his manhood.

In the meanwhile, Parvati is languishing at Exile Island, debating whether or not she should even look for the immunity idol. It doesn’t look like she gets around to it.

When Erik and Amanda get back to camp, Natalie gives her best cold shoulder to Erik. Then, Natalie overhears Erik’s conversation with Cirie as he makes an attempt to start playing this game. Erik’s idea is to get Cirie and Parvati on his side, and vote off Amanda or Natalie. As you might imagine, Natalie, already not happy with Erik, is ready to kill.

If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em. Natalie is quick to tell Amanda and Cirie that she overheard Erik’s plot, and they share a good laugh over his attempts at deception. Erik sees the women talking and realizes that he’s made a mistake in giving all the women different stories about who he’s interested in allying himself with. “I’ve made so many mistakes in this game,” he admits to Amanda. I think it’s time to put this one out of his misery. He’s in over his head and it’s tough watching a guy drown.

At the immunity challenge, players must use coordinates to find puzzle pieces. Erik might suck at the social game, but he sure does kick ass in challenges. After taking another early lead, he cruises into a final four opportunity with yet another immunity win. The women are playing a pretty good game, but they might want to think about beating him at a challenge at some point. This kid could definitely play his way into a final two.

I…I…I have nothing to say. Back at camp, Cirie comes up with the idea to have Natalie try and talk Erik into giving up his immunity idol. You know, this kid is dumb enough to buy it. Natalie gives it a go, telling Erik that she and Cirie would vote for Amanda if he gives her his necklace. Erik talks to Cirie and she reinforces Natalie’s story by saying that Erik giving Natalie his necklace would be the sign of trust needed in order to get her vote. Erik, sniffing in a wrong direction, thinks Parvati has the immunity idol and is going to give it to Amanda, and wants to vote Parvati off instead. The women agree to lie about casting their votes in whichever direction Erik wants to send them.

The ladies and the lad head to tribal, and Jeff makes sure that Erik’s feeble attempts at playing the strategic game are called out. Parvati and Amanda play their parts to the hilt, picking a fight with Erik. Cirie, for her part, underscores what Erik is already thinking — that he needs to redeem himself. And for the first time in Survivor history, individual immunity is surrendered as Erik makes Natalie safe from the vote. The jury is quick to spot that fact that Erik is being played, and sure enough Erik is voted off post haste. Goodbye Leif Garrett. That’s correct James – ladies and gentlemen, we have a new dumbest survivor ever. And, for the first time in Survivor history, we have an all-female final four.

Honestly, Erik was so stupid tonight, I can’t even call it a blindside. Homeslice should have seen that coming a mile away. As far as I’m concerned, these women didn’t vote that boy off, they put the dog who wouldn’t stop running out into traffic to sleep. It’s a pretty safe bet that, barring immunity, Natalie will be gone first on Sunday, but after that, you’ve got the three best social players in the game going head to head.  That’s the fight I’m dying to see!

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski