chuck prevue2 More 'Chuck' previews: He knows kung fu“Chuck” has released another extended preview for the new season, and — let’s see here — yep, we’re still pretty daggone excited for it.

The new teaser clocks in at just under six minutes and focuses on Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) newly endowed physical abilities after uploading the new Intersect to his brain. After a quick recap of the end of season two, you’ll see pieces of several solid-looking fight scenes, including Chuck fighting his way out of a hostage situation and battling Steve Austin’s character in what looks like the cargo hold of a plane.

There are also talking-head bits with Levi and Joshua Gomez (Levi’s Shaggy impression is something to see), Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin. And while the video repeats Levi’s “caterpillar to butterfly” analogy from the last preview, that’s a small price to pay for another solid look at the new season.

See for yourself below. The “Chuck” clock is now at 40 days and counting.

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Posted by:Rick Porter