Scottbakula_enterpriseparty_240 You already know that Scott Bakula will be playing Zachary Levi’s dad on Chuck later this season. But now, thanks to the NBC publicity machine, we know a little bit more about what he’ll be doing on the show.

Earlier in the season, Chuck (Levi) promised his sister, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), that he’d find their estranged dad before her wedding to Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin). He’ll accomplish that task later this season, but when he does track his father down, he’s not quite prepared for what he finds.

The elder Bartowski (Bakula), Chuck discovers, is a paranoid mess of a man who lives in a trailer who claims that software magnate Ted Roark has stolen all his ideas.

Roark will be played by Chevy Chase, who signed on for a three-episode arc earlier this month. Chuck has long looked up to Roark — and has few lingering feelings for his absent dad — but presumably the discovery that Roark and his dad used to work together will cause Chuck to rethink things.

Bakula got the job, Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz says, because he and fellow creator Chris Fedak are “huge Quantum Leap fans” and see the same ability to handle comedy, drama and action in him that they see in Levi.

NBC doesn’t have exact airdates for Bakula’s arc yet, but you can expect the episodes to air sometime in the spring.

Posted by:Rick Porter