Atmosphere_d_wi_7067224_600 Get your party dresses cleaned and your tuxes pressed.

Earlier than ever, the Golden Globe parties are locking down their locations. And the inside word is that guests will have two more big after-parties to attend on January 15.

The big five will still be contained in the Beverly Hilton – Instyle/WB, Fox, NBC/Universal/Focus (on the roof), Weinstein Co. (back in Trader Vic’s) and HBO (taking over Circa 55 and the prime pool area).

But the two new entries MAY be within spitting – and strolling – distance. The buzz is that E! Entertainment Networks first big Globe bash and Paramount/Dreamworks’ party will both be held in the former Robinson’s May retail space. Natch, security issues have risen but rumor is that everything will be ironed out soon.

Paramount says it has the space on hold but will wait until they hear the GG nominations before they confirm. Which makes total sense.

Better starting thinking about what to wear soon. At this rate, all the good gowns are gonna be gone too.

Photo Credits: NBC Universal’s hits the roof again. On the front page, Kiera Knightley dances with her mom at last year’s NBC/Universal/Focus bash.
Eric Charbonneau/Wire Image

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